Friday, January 11, 2019

The Profound Grace of Dogs

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, “happiness is a warm puppy,” and that statement is as true today as the first time cartoonist Charles Schultz wrote it. Whether the puppy dog is a beagle like the Charlie Brown character Snoopy, or a little schnauzer that came from a store with a sign reading “white toy schnauzer puppies for sale,” the truth is that puppies equal love and joy.

Humans and Dogs

There is a kind of magical bond between humans and dogs, and it’s a very deep one. Dogs, who actually evolved from wolves, are pack animals who are geared to look up to “the leader of the pack,” which in the case of domestic dogs, is their human master. Dogs look to their human master for direction and leadership, and in return the dog gives its master undying loyalty and devotion. This is indeed the deep bond that exists between humans and dogs, and it is a profound one. 
The Devotion of Dogs

Though dogs can’t talk, they will go to great lengths to communicate with their human masters. Dogs count on humans for care and affection, and in return, a well adjusted dog will go out of its way to protect its human family and ensure that all is well in their home. There are many stories about dogs coming to the rescue of their humans, by barking to alert them of danger from fire or from an intruder. Many dogs have also been known to jump into rivers and lakes in order to successfully rescue a drowning swimmer. Trained search and rescue dogs also take on heroic deeds in times of crisis by sniffing out people who have been buried under rubble after an explosion or an earthquake. 
 There’s no question that dogs are among the most noble creatures to ever walk the earth. For all of these reasons, we should treat these fine animals with the love and care they so richly deserve. 

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