Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Care For Your Cat

If you're like many pet owners, then your pets are a part of the family. Unfortunately, there might be times when your pets get sick or injured. Many veterinarians will perform procedures on animals just like a doctor would on a person, giving pets like cats a chance to live for months or years longer. 

A common cat surgery that is often elective involves the reproductive system. Male cats can get neutered while females can get spayed so that they don't reproduce, decreasing the number of unwanted cats in the population. These surgeries usually don't result in any long-term side effects, and the cat can often go home later in the day after surgery. Another common surgery for cats is tooth extraction. Sometimes, cats tend to try to eat foods that are too hard or chew on furnishings that are too hard for them, breaking off the teeth in the mouth. For most cats, they only need one or two teeth pulled. When cats are older, the teeth sometimes deteriorate, which means that they can easily break. Extraction is an option to consider so that the cat is comfortable while eating soft foods. 

Sometimes, cats develop abscesses and other masses on the skin. These need to be removed as soon as possible as they can quickly turn into cancer. Some masses are benign and don't need further treatment, but some masses are cancerous. If the veterinarian discovers a cancerous mass, then medications can be given and the area around the mass can be removed as well to prevent cancer from spreading. Other common surgeries that are performed on cats include the removal of bladder stones and treating other issues with the bladder as cats often get kidney and urinary tract infections. When you begin searching for a veterinarian for your cat, examine the references as well as the facility before making a final decision. 

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