Friday, April 20, 2018

Blanca: Our White Rabbit

Our  doe rabbit, Pippin always has  white  kit when  she gives birth but it never survive.  This winter, she had quite a few  and only the white one survive.  We're very excited because we thought that having a white one would be pretty and special.  We named her Blanca.  She is handful and love  just about anything that we give her especially sweets.
 Over the winter, we  took the bunnies inside and  the male  got inside the female's quarter so as expected, the two females got pregnant and kindles some kits.  
 Pippin is very protective of Blanca.  We let them run around upstairs with a long and big box but when they hear the footsteps of the dogs, Pippin immediately run and  hover over her  baby.
 Blanca gets excited when let the kits run around in her turf.  Her Mom, weaned her early because for some odd reason, she got pregnant again.  I don't even know how it happened because  we separated her from the buck when she   kindled Blanca but  few weeks after she had Blanca, she was ready to pop out again.  
 The two small ones are the kits of Blanca's sister Lilo.  She had  two kits over the winter.  We are getting overrun by rabbit now that it's spring.  I told my husband, he will have to build another  hutch for the new batch if we  can't get rid of them.  
 We were going to sell them at Rural King but they have now rules that we should have  a certificate from the  veterinarian so I don't know what we are going to do with all these bunnies.  We now have 9 of them!
These Netherland Dwarfs are so cute.  When you look at the black ones, they looks like they are wearing bow tie.  

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