Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Benefits of the Antler Velvet Supplements for Dogs

The idea of supplementation for dogs is something new. Not every dog owner is familiar with the concept that because they can buy multi-vitamin and other supplements to help their body function better, the same is true of their dog too.

Chief among the supplements for dogs that work best is Elk antler velvet (EVA), which is a natural, renewable form of treatment that has been widely used in China for over two thousand years. Thanks to the Wapiti Labs in Minnesota, they have their own supply of EVA, which they use in a range of supplement products for animals, produced on location.
What Is Elk Velvet Antler?

The Elk velvet antler grows on the head of the Elk early in its life. The antlers are removed when the elk is mature and the elk velvet can produce supplements that have been found to promote a stronger immune system, better stamina, and increased robustness.

EVA has been shown in studies to include useful minerals like potassium and calcium, glucosamine for joint stability, collagen for better skin, amino acids for good muscle functionality, and zinc and iron that promotes healing.

How Do Elk Velvet Antlers Grow?

Elks grow their antlers over the first two years of their life. During this growing process, the antlers get a velvet covering. When the antlers become too old, they drop off naturally. However, the antlers can be removed safely and, once removed, the Elk painlessly grow back a new set of antlers over the next two years. This process repeats until the Elk is around fifteen years’ old and no longer grows new antlers.

EVA with Medicinal Herbs

There are thousands of herbs available, but only some of them have been found to have medicinal uses. The interest in herbal remedies taken at home continues to grow, as does the clinical studies to back up their validity.

With EVA-based products, they’re usually mixed with certain herbs that have been found to help dogs. Quite often, products are separated out in the first half and the second half of dog’s life. The reason for doing so is different herbs are included in each supplement that helps either in the first or second stages of their 10-15-year lifespan. For instance, many dogs begin to experience joint and mobility issues as they age, so a greater focus is placed on that aspect with herbs selected to promote improved joint functionality in the senior dog product lines.

Is It Humane?

Antler harvesting is perfectly humane. Elks are free to roam and graze. The process of antler removal is managed by their on-site veterinarian to ensure it is carried out in a manner that is kind to each animal.

Supplementation for your pet is just as important as taking the best quality supplement for your own body. We’re not always able to produce the essential amino acids and the other things that a healthy body requires, which is where supplements are helpful. The same is true for your dog; outside of veterinary care, providing the best for your four-legged friend ensures that your buddy will live longer and happier too.

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