Friday, November 3, 2017

Butterflies #HawksnestStatePark

Road trip is not always about  the beautiful place or the new location that you are about to see and discover.  When you visit a state park like the Hawks Nest State Park, you will see a lot of  beauties in their natural habitat including birds and all other kinds of critters.  

I saw  a lot of beautiful butterflies  when we went to that park.  It is something that I enjoy immensely.  Butterfly bushes  really  pulls the butterfly around during summer when they are in bloom.  That's one reason why I have butterfly bushes in my garden.  

I believe this particular butter is a swallowtail butterfly.  According to

Swallowtail or Papilionidae is a family  of large butterflies that  includes more than 600 species worldwide.  Most  of these large, brightly colored butterflies,  feature tails at the back of their  wings. These tail-like appendages resemble the tails of swallow family of birds, hence their name. Several species of Swallowtails are predominantly black, and share similar yellow, blue and orange markings.

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