Monday, July 17, 2017

Rabbit Reproduction

Our  doe lionhead bunny, Pippin had a first pregnancy and gave birth  to four kits on March 5th.  That's roughly 5 weeks after we brought the  two lionhead bunnies home.  We didn't even know that she was pregnant until I  discovered  her kits laying underneath her cage.  Anyway, only two of her kits survived with her first set of kits.  We named the two Lilo and Stitch , we  got to see them  grow and it was really a learning experience for us especially for our kids.  
Then on June 7th, she gave birth again  (surprise, surprise).  This time she only gave birth to two kits but  both of them did not survive.  They were both dead when I saw  them.  I thought she won't get pregnant again because we seldom let her out together with the male rabbit but she  got pregnant again and gave birth to 4 kits on July 13.

Two of them were dead when I  saw them and we thought the two will survive but they did not.  It's disappointing because we really want a white one and  every  pregnancy, she has one white but they never survived.  
I told my kids not to let Pippin out with Plumley for a while because it is disheartening seeing the kits died.
Here are a few key facts: A rabbit has a gestation period of just 28-31 days, will give birth to an average of 6-9 kits, and can get pregnant again moments after giving birth.

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