Monday, April 10, 2017

The Best Ways to Bond with Your New Horse

Horses are beautiful and intelligent creatures, with needs and emotions that are similar to humans. To build a bond with your new horse, begin with the following guidelines, and keep them in mind while developing your pet-to-owner friendship.

Be Attentive & Have Patience

Like with any relationship, you need a strong foundation of trust to develop a solid bond. Be attentive to the body language and sounds of your new horse, since every whinny means something different. Strive to be in tune with their needs, while having patience. It could take months for your horse to develop a strong and long-term bond with you.

Be Gentle, Slow, & Compassionate

The best thing you can be for your new horse is understanding and compassionate. It doesn’t matter if your horse is a new pony, or an adopted old-timer, the bond between you two is still fresh. Let it develop naturally by providing the essentials to a happy, healthy relationship, such as interaction, love, and care. Be gentle and slow with interactions, but persevering in your persistence. You should keep trying, but go at a comfortable, slow pace. For instance, offer your hand for nuzzles and build a trust with your horse before progressing to saddles and rides.

Keep Your Horse Healthy & Happy

Malnourished or neglected horses are, understandably, the orneriest and upset. You would be too if you were underfed and lacking in important, health-boosting nutrients. Keep your horse healthier and happier with horse supplements, like extra calcium and fiber, and lots of fresh grass, food, and water. Make sure you have plenty of room for your horse to run and exercise, while providing an open space for vitamin D absorption from the sunshine. 

Research the Breed to Gain Better Understanding

Horses, especially ponies, can be a bit skittish when it comes to hands-on interaction. But every horse, specifically every horse breed, is unique in their personalities. Research the breed of your new horse to gain knowledge of their behavior and a better understanding of their moods. This will allow you to empathize with your pet, while giving you better ideas to provide the best care and interaction possible.

The aforementioned techniques are sure to give you some beginning ideas on how to bond with your new horse. Overall, it takes time and a compassionate understanding of your new animal, as well as plenty of knowledge and gentle persistence. Remember that every horse is different, so you should go at a pace that is comfortable to both you and your charge.

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