Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#Kits' Growth Documentation. #BabyBunnies

These photos shows the kits first week of existence since the day they were born.  It was March 6 when  they were born.  We had  bunnies  before but  the female never got pregnant so we didn't have the experience of raising baby bunnies.  We only had these lion heads for a month and here the female already gave birth to four kits.  One  died right away, I think the Dad killed it.  We didn't  know that the female  was pregnant so we never separated them.  
Anyway, I noticed that their first instinct when they feel their Mom's hair is to lay on their back and start digging for the Moms nipples.  It must be  painful for the Mom because  the kits has their teeth already when they were born and you can hear the sound when they  nursed.
2-day old kits.  At two days old, they were starting to get mobile but still can't see since their eyes were still closed.  The white one is definitely the  smallest.  The kids called him Bino (albino).  Both parents are gray so we were surprised to see a white one.
 3-day old.  At 3 days old, we noticed that the Mom is not really nursing the white one so we bought a goat milk and tried to  feed him.
I tried to  let the Mom lay on her back so the white one could at least nurse a little bit but she kicked and the little one flew, I felt horrible.
From then on, we just tried to  feed the white one with the milk that we bought.  He was eating but not much.
The white one might be the runt but he was definitely the cutest.
You can tell the difference of how small the white one  was compared to the black ones.
 Four-Day Old .  We really tried hard to keep the white one alive by feeding him  with the goat milk but ever since  the Mom kicked him, he  didn't show progress of   growth.
Although he was  still trying to hold on to  his dear life, we can tell that he was struggling to keep up with the growing black ones.
Five day old - Their eyes were still shut but they  were becoming mobile.  They can  pretty much run around  inside the cardboard box where we housed them together with their Mom.
 Six Day Old -  The kits still look like kittens or  puppies but they are getting longer and more mobile.  
 We kept the Mom fed with fresh veggies  because that's what I read from an online source that in order for her to  produce milk, she has to have fresh food and  need to be  hydrated.  
 One Week Old - at this time, the  white one died which really broke our hearts because we really wanted him to survive as he was  the different and unique one among them.  But I guess the Mom  focused more on taking care of the healthy ones rather than the  runt but who knows.  All I  noticed was that, she never really  cared for the runt.  
 Anyway, here are the cutest  poses that they do  and I couldn't resist not to take pictures of them lol.
 One thing that we all did when they were little was let them sleep in our palms, they really loved it.  I think it was because  it kept them warm.
 They also love  it when you stroke your fingers along their backs.
 We've never really raised rabbits so this was all new to us.  Of all the pets, this was different because the Mom does not really lay down to  nurse the babies.  The kits just lay on their backs  and crawl; underneath their Mom to eat.
 Pippin  is a really good Mom though, she really take care of these two.  She kept an eye on them especially when she hears the dogs.  We kept  them in my office when they were little so I could keep an eye on them and they would stay warm as it i was cold down the basement where they  stay during winter.
 At two weeks old, their eyes were starting to open up.  At first they were red, it looks painful but I guess it was normal.
 Just like human babies,  kits  sleep a lot.  That's what they ever did, sleep and eat, run around a little but and then sleep again.
 At this age, their  hair  are growing longer and you can see the gray  ones  growing too.
 At this point, the kids have decided to  name them Lilo and Stitch.  They gave them a different name when the white one was still alive but decided to change it.
 They are becoming more and more  like bunnies than  puppies (look wise).
 We were very delighted when  one of them have an open eye already, it was the cutest thing to witness.
 These two really love  huddling on each other when they  sleep.
 I guess being together gives them warmth.
 Pippin, the Mom did not  pull her hair  so much but there were few spots  that she did when she first gave birth.  I think it's an instinct to them to pull their hair out  and use it to keep the babies warm. But since we  keep them warm, she stop pulling her hair.
 I love watching them when they sleep.  One love to  lay on his back with his legs up, lol.
 Sometimes, Lilo would  sleep underneath Stitch, I thought it's so cute.  Here are cuteness overload.
 At three weeks old, they can jump and chase their Mom every time they  want to  nurse.  We noticed  that at this time, Pippin is not nursing them as much.  I think the babies teeth  hurts when they try to  nurse on her.
 We started introducing the kits to  fresh food like lettuce.  They even tried to bite on carrots.
 At this age, they were  becoming adventurous.  They were jumping off the box.
 My husband suggested that we should cut a hole on the box so they don't have to jump.  They can  go to the  next box with out falling.  We were worried that one of them will hit their head on the wood floor if they fall.
They are now six weeks and I made them a bigger pin down the basement.  I still haven't let the Dad see them because I am afraid that he would still try to hurt them.  My husband is planning to build them a house in the backyard just like what we did  with Wubzy and Matilda at our old house.  


Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle said...

Your bunnies are so adorable! I have never seen bunnies that young before. I can't believe the cuteness.

Vera Sweeney said...

I have never seen bunnies that young before. I don't think I've ever seen a young bunny at all. It must have been amazing to watch them grow.

Unknown said...

That is so sad about the white one! I am assuming you knew as much as any rescue place would on how to save him / her. I would have had to call a rescue place myself.
They are all so adorable I love their tiny little paws!

Debra Schroeder said...

Oh, my goodness. Those baby bunnies are completely adorable. Who knew they were so tiny when born.

OurFamilyWorld said...

I'm sorry to hear about the white baby bunny. They are all adorable. I never realized bunnies are so tiny when they are born.

Rebecca Swenor said...

These are the cutest little bunnies. I am so sorry you lost the little white one but usually if something is wrong with them the mother will act like she did is what I had read. Thanks for sharing your little adorable babies.

Jen T said...

I am so sad that the little white one didnt survive. YOu tried but nature took its course :( The other two by two weeks were the cutest thing I have ever seen. Now I want a bunny!! Your pics and story are incredible. Thank you for letting me have a peek into your journey with the bunnies!

Unknown said...

Awww these just look so adorable. Look at their little ears.

Terri Beavers said...

OH this makes me want a bunny baby. They are so stinkin cute and tiny. I've never seen one that's so young before. Can't wait to see photos as they grow.

Unknown said...

OMG how amazing, they are so adorable. I showed these to my 8 year old she loved seeing how they changed in each photo. So neat.

Unknown said...

They are so adorable! I felt sad that the white one died. They would have been so cute together. I think it's awesome that you did the best you could to help the mom take good care of her kits. I really enjoyed reading this post.

mom's shout out said...

So cute.. it's my first time to see lil bunnies and i love the idea how you documented them from newborn till now that they're big

Nova said...

I felt sad too when i read the white one didn't survive it could've been the unique among the 3 bunnies.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Awww! Look how tiny they were at first and now so cuddly.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

Those baby bunnies are so adorable! Too bad, the white one didn't make it.