Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Things You Didn't Know Were Unsafe for Your Dog

Having a pet is sometimes like having a toddler. You have to keep a close eye on them to make sure they don't get into anything they're not supposed to. If you want to protect your dog, you can help them and you by being more aware of what could harm them. There are lots of things around your house that could accidentally hurt your dog. You could even be handing them things that might be bad for them. If you're not sure what your dog can eat or even be near, you should learn about some of the things that could harm them.

Unsafe Foods

There are more foods that could hurt your dog than you might think. Handing them scraps at the table might be tempting, but it's essential to think about what you're giving them. Some foods can be highly toxic to your pooch and could make them very ill. Most dog owners know about some common toxins, such as chocolate. However, there are other foods you might not have heard about. For example, several and fruits and vegetables are bad for your dog. You shouldn't give them grapes, avocados, cherries, or onions. Some foods can make them temporarily ill, while others can cause more serious illnesses.

Avoiding the Wrong Toys

You would think that every toy marked as a dog toy would be suitable for your four-legged friend. However, you have to be very careful when choosing safe toys for dogs. Firstly, it's important to remember that every dog is different. A toy that might be good for one dog could be no match for a bigger and more energetic dog, who could break it down and end up with choking hazards. Some common toys given to dogs aren't recommended for them, either. For example, tennis balls aren't designed as dog toys and could become unsafe. Rawhide is a fun treat, but they can harbor bacteria if left lying around too long.
Fertilizers and Insecticides

If your dog loves to get out in the garden, it's important to watch them. You might find that you need to use insecticides to get rid of pests, but be careful about using any strong chemicals that could harm your pets. Fertilizer can also have chemicals that you don't want your dog to come in contact with. And, what's more, your dog could be very attracted to the smell of it! You either need to think carefully about the products you use or keep a close eye on your dog.


There are also several plants that could harm your dog, either by brushing against them or if they ingest them. And you should never underestimate what your dog is willing to eat. For example, lilies aren't a good choice if you have pets in the house. Before doing any gardening or bringing any potted plants into your house, make sure you research what's safe and what's not.

It's essential to know how to keep your dog safe. If you want them to stay healthy and avoid injury, you need to be aware of what could hurt them.

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