Monday, March 6, 2017

Pippin Gave Birth to 4 Little #Kits

As I have mentioned in my earlier post about our  LionHead bunnies, Pippin is the female and Plumley is the male.  I didn't know that Pippin was pregnant.  It was a huge  surprise when I came to feed them today and found  blood in their cage.  I thought one of them  got hurt and bleeding but I saw a kit that I initially thought was a rat.  As I inspected  closely, I found out that she has given birth to a littler of 4 kits.  My heart sank when I saw that one of them is dead already.  I think the Dad killed it.  I felt so bad.   I immediately separated Plumley away from them.   
When we had Matilda and Wubzy before, the former never got pregnant so  we  never experienced  this.  When our former  bunnies  died, the kids  really wanted a replacement for them so we got  Pippin and Plumley.  Since I  never had any experience  having a litter of kits, we searched on how to  properly take care of them.  I found this article from WikiHow very helpful for a first timer like us.  
 I do hope that the  kits survived, they seem to be very weak when I found them.  Pippin seem to  not know what to do but I am hoping that she would figure it out.  I keep moving the kids because she keep stepping on them, I think she  got freaked out that one of them died.  

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Diane said...

So cute, hope the other three all survive. Diane