Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ensure Your Dog Is On Best Behavior

Dogs make such great family pets. In fact, they often become a part of the family. And your kids love spending time with their beloved pooch. But while there are lots of great things about your dog, their behavior might not be one of them! After all, it’s so easy for your dog to start playing up when you are out and about. And they might also start being naughty when guests are over. And when you find another half-eaten shoe, it can leave you at the end of the tether. Therefore, here are some ways you can ensure their behavior changes for the better.

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Take them to behavior classes

A lot of people make the mistake of not teaching their pooch good behavior when they are little. In fact, as it says on, a lot of professionals recommend you take dogs to obedience classes when they are puppies. After all, the earlier they learn, the more they will grow up to be well-behaved. But it’s not too late if you are struggling with naughty behavior from your pooch. You can still find classes that you can attend which will turn things around. Therefore, look for classes that you can start going to with your dog. It might take a few sessions before you notice an improvement at home. But as soon as you notice a change in your dog, it can make for a better life at home.

Teach them discipline at home

You can also help your dog’s behavior if you work on discipline at home. After all, if your dog knows they are doing something wrong, it might stop their constant bad behavior. But a lot of people are put-off from disciplining their dog. After all, their cute face can often turn your frown upside down. And you don’t want to tell them off for being naughty. However, for the sake of your family, you need to introduce some discipline. For one thing, it might be as simple as locking them out of certain rooms when they misbehave. This will stop them from playing up if they know they are missing out on all the action. Or you could look into methods like collars which you can read about on which can stop excessive barking. Make sure they know they will be treated if they do show good behavior, and things will turn around for the better.

Figure out why your pet is playing up

When your dog is being naughty, it’s often down to a particular reason. For one thing, it might be down to your pet not getting enough attention. After all, it can be hard to find time to play with your pooch when you are busy in your life. Or it might be due to you not walking them enough. After all, dogs can get irritable if they are not getting enough exercise. Or it could be an underlying health reason which is causing them to act out. Therefore, finding out why can ensure you make changes to boost their behavior. You could always take them to the vet who can guide you in figuring out what’s wrong!

And make sure you get a good leash as discussed on our previous blog. That way, you can keep them under control when you are out.

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