Thursday, February 23, 2017

Night-Time Walkies - Stay Safe Once The Sun Goes Down


All dog owners know the importance of taking out their pup for a daily walk. In fact, many dog experts recommend going out twice a day to try and get as much exercise as possible, and so that the dog is able to do their business. Lots of dog owners head out with their pet in the morning and evening. That way, the dog can do their business as soon as they wake up and just before they go to bed.

Even though lots of dogs and their owners go out for evening strolls, there are quite a few people who aren’t keeping their pooches safe out on the streets at night. It is incredibly important that you take some extra safety precautions when you go for your walkies on a night, as it can be very dark and your dog could be difficult for drivers to see. Here are some safety tips that can help you and your dog stay safe once the sun goes down.


Let Your Dog Be Seen

If a driver can see your dog, there is no way they will hit them by accident. The best way to make your dog as visible as possible is to light them up. You can do this with numerous accessories, like reflective jackets, a Nitey Leash, and even by adding bike reflectors to their collar. It’s a good idea for you to wear something reflective and visible as well. If you don’t have any reflective clothing, you can use the torch on your smartphone.


Watch Out For Nocturnal Critters

A lot of animals come out onto our streets at night, such as foxes, raccoons, and hedgehogs. Ideally, your dog shouldn’t try to pick a fight with these creatures. Even the ones that aren’t particularly dangerous could be problematic. For example, a hedgehog isn’t going to attack your pup, but if the dog tries to bite it, it is going to get a mouthful of spikes! So, you should always have your dog on its leash at night. Stick to well-worn footpaths too. Wild animals will want to stay out of the way of people, so won’t risk wandering down busy paths.


Acclimatize Your Dog

Even if it was a really nice sunny day, the temperatures could significantly drop after sunset. You should keep your dog as warm as possible on your walks, so you need to always take the change in temperature into account. You might find that it is necessary for your pet to wear a coat, depending on the exact temperatures. Some owners like to take a bag with their dog’s coat in, just in case. This way, they can judge the temperature better once they are out walking and can put the coat on their dog if needed. It also saves you the hassle of turning back and heading home for the coat if you do realize that it is very cold!

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The night can be a scary time for both you and your pup. But there shouldn’t be anything to fear if you remember all of the tips in this blog post!

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