Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lorikeet Glen Aviary at Busch Gardens

Another exotic treat at the mini zoo in Busch Garden is the Lorikeet Gleen Aviary. It was awesome going inside there because the birds will fly and land on your head or your shoulder. Or they would land on your hand if you offer.
Lorikeets have a specialized beak and tongue perfect for feeding on nectar. You can buy  the nectar to feed them as you enter Lorikeet Glen.  If they hungry, they may fly to you for a drink which I thought is a very unique experience especially if you have kids.  Unfortunately, my kids were afraid lol. 
According to their blog,  the blue streaked lories are found in New Guinea and the Tanimbar Islands. These birds tend to stick together, so where you see one you will probably see a few more.  The Edwards’s lorikeets are native to the Timor Islands in Indonesia.
Although the lorikeets are the main attraction, there are a few other bird species to see.They also have a pair of Stone curlews and Guira cuckoos, a Sulawesi green imperial pigeon, a Blue crowned mot-mot and a Crested wood partridge couple.
The green-naped lorikeets can be found in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, New Zealand and New Caledonia. These are the most abundant lorikeets in Lorikeet Glen.
Here are some more lorikeets.
It was a really nice treat after an exhausting walk  at the  park.
I found this video by IBWIV on Youtube.

 As you   go out the aviary, you can't help but   take a look at this adorable guard.  He stares at you like he was sayting "Don't mess with me" lol.
This   is the   rescued bald eagle, her name is Kamali.  she is the animal Ambassador for her species.  according to the information they have there, Kamali was found at a very young age with a gunshot wound in her wing and rescued by the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey before being brought to Busch Gardens for further care.

You can watch the video below to  know more opf her story.

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