Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Honoring Your Pet's Memory Can Be The Best Way Of Coping Once They're Gone

Pets are a huge part of our lives. Whether you have a rabbit or a dog, they can become as much a part of the family as anybody. That’s why the death of a pet can be so hard. The people around you may not understand, but the loss of a pet can be just as hurtful as the loss of a family member. That’s because they were a family member! A pet can massively improve your life, and knowing how to cope once they’re gone can be hard. We’ve got some tips about how you can honor your pet after their death. Respecting their memory can make moving forward that bit easier.


Just like with a human, you could get your pet cremated. Most vet surgeries offer this option. This could be right for you if you aren’t ready to let go. Holding a burial for a pet you’ve just lost can be daunting. Nobody likes to think of the pet they loved in the ground. Cremation means you can keep them in your home, where they belong. If you intend to keep the ashes, take time choosing an urn. Pick one that fits into your home. There are some beautiful options, like the ones found here. Once you’ve got the urn, you’ll need to decide where to keep it. You may want it on display in your main family room. That way, your pet can see the comings and goings of the owners they loved. Or, you may want the urn in a private space. Decide before you bring your pet home, so they can go straight to their resting place.


Photographs can be a fantastic way to remember a pet. Having pictures of them around the place will make it feel like they’re still with you. This is also a great way of keeping the happy memories alive. Take some time to find some nice photo frames, and hang your favorite pictures on the wall. If you have an urn, you could place some pictures around it. If not, you can incorporate those pictures into your home. If you don't want to put pictures on display, invest in a good quality photo album. That way, you can have a flick through whenever you’re missing your pet.


You could even honor the memory of your pet by getting a tattoo. Many people get their pet’s face tattooed on them to preserve their memories. If you don’t want to go so far as getting your pet’s face, you could get something else to remind you of them. If you lost a dog, you could get a tattoo of their favorite toy, of a collar and lead. You could just opt for their name or the dates of their birth and death. Aim to get a tattoo that reminds you of the good times you had with that pet. This can be a beautiful way to honor their memory and keep them with you at all times.

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