Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Give Love This Christmas: Welcome A Dog In Your Family

You never know that you are a dog person until you see two big brown eyes looking at you lovingly. It’s no wonder that the dog is often described as a (wo)man’s best friend: It’s impossible not to feel warm inside when you have next to you a creature who will love you until the very end. Pictures of grateful dogs jumping in their owner’s arms are all over the Internet. There’s a reason for that: Dogs are guaranteed to make you smile. So, if this year, make it a truly happy Christmas and adopt a dog. Here’s our little guide to prepare for your dog’s first day at home.

It Doesn’t Matter Which Dog You Choose

There are no better breed than others. With dogs, like with people, it’s all a matter of taste. And by taste, we mean which dog will steal your heart first, because if there is one thing that you will discover immediately about dogs, it’s that they can be utterly adorable. Whether you choose a puppy or a senior dog, your new furry friend will certainly melt your heart.

But there is more to dogs than the mountain of cuteness. Since the beginning of ages, dogs have not gained a trusted role in human families by chance. It is in their nature to do us good. Common examples that jump to mind consist of police and shepherd dogs. While these dogs provide valuable support to their owners, there are many more ways in which dogs are a great addition to any family. They genuinely improve the health of those around them.   

Make Your Dog Feel Loved and Wanted

You know the saying, a dog is not just for Christmas, it’s forever. So do make sure that your new friend knows that you mean it. You can do this in simple gestures and attentions throughout the day. It is, for example, important to pet and stroke your dog regularly, so that it can feel part of the family. Play with your dog at least once a day, as it is a healthy way of developing a strong bond and helping your dog nurture its reflexes and intelligence. Don’t believe that because you’ve chosen a senior dog, it will not have a playful temperament! But make sure though that you don’t tire it out! Dogs also need to feel that your home is theirs, too so it’s a good idea to invest in items that are designed specifically for dogs so that they can relax after a long day of games, such as dog beds.  5355811949_639f7f0d22_o.jpg

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Care For Your Dog’s Health

Contrary to human beings, dogs can’t tell you when they feel poorly. They do have ways of showing you, but it would be better for your dog if you did all you could to keep it healthy and safe. This start with a check up with the vet to make sure that your new friend is well. If you choose a puppy, you will need to get it chipped. Most senior dogs will have already been chipped. Your next step is the most important thing you can do to protect your dog: Get it insured. Some dog owners prefer to save the cost of insurance, but you need to remember that you are responsible for your dog’s life. The insurance is designed to reduce medical bills and ensure that your dog can be treated in case of accident or illness. It is essential that you understand how to look after your dog to start this new friendship in the best possible manner.

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