Wednesday, November 2, 2016

American Toad

I found this toad in our garden few months ago and I  wanted my kids to see it since it is very seldom that we see critters like this.  This toad  resembles the American toad or Bufo americanus that I see from that describes   "Eastern South Dakota is the western limit of the habitat range for the American Toad, and they are only found in the far eastern counties of this state. American Toads are usually a dull brown, but can range from yellowish to olive brown to dark gray with patches of lighter colors. Their skin contains many glands that produce a mild poison to protect toads from predators.
 Anyway, I gently captured him  and called my  kids to see it.
 Then we released it again in the garden.
 He seem to like it when we released him by my herb garden.  He stayed there for few days and  left.
Whenever we see  some critters that we seldom see, we always make sure to let our kids see it.


papaleng said...

Yak! kadiri... I believe hindinaman poisonous yanyan nd the best part is hindi harmful sa plants unlike caterpillars very destructive talaga.

RC said...

how nice. i'm sure your kids appreciate this simple gesture. i know my kid would. she loves to learn and discover new things. too bad we don't often see animals or insects as we don't really have a garden.

Marie said...

I've seen a lot of toads when I was a kid. Not American ones (obviously)... but I've seen a lot from small to big ones. I remember the big ones creeped me out... It was all fun though.

Nova said...

I'm not a big fan of toads when I see one in which I did while raking the leaves in our yard, i did freak out a little and gives me chills..

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

This reminds me that our 10-year-old son hasn't seen a "live" frog or toad yet. He only sees frogs and toads in Science books and online.