Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hello Puppy! The Best Ways To Look After The New Addition To Your Family

It’s such an exciting time welcoming a new puppy into your family on that first day! Expect lots of cooing and cuddles and lots of cheeky antic from your new best friend too. But for those first few days, your puppy will probably be feeling a little anxious too. It will be baby’s first time away from his Mom and brothers and sisters. And he will be in totally new surrounds. So here are some top tips on the best ways to look after the new addition to your family. For extra tips on caring for your pet, follow the click.

Meeting The Vet

One of the first trips you and your puppy will take together is to the vet. Make sure to choose a reputable company and preferably a recommendation from friends that are pet owners. Your puppy will certainly be spending some time here, so you want him to feel safe and secure.

Get Him Chipped And Insured

Make sure your pet is microchipped. This is the best chance you have of being reunited with your dog if he gets lost. All dogs over the age of eight weeks old should be microchipped so make sure your breeder has carried this out. And of course, don’t forget to get your puppy insured. If your puppy gets sick or is injured, insurance can help reduce the cost of medical bills and medication. There are many different types of pet insurance so check out this great resource to help you choose the right type for your puppy.

Toys And Crates

You’ll want to have lots of soft and chewy toys ready at your home for when your puppy arrives. A teething puppy is going to want to chew. So invest in lots of chew toys or say goodbye to your dining room furniture and your shoes! Have a mixture of different textures so your puppy can get lots of play in. You’ll probably also want to introduce your puppy to a crate for sleeping and training. But make sure in the first few weeks to keep the crate in a social area of the house. Puppies don’t like to be alone when they are very young. You may not be able to take your puppy outside for walks yet but it’ still a good idea to get him used to his collar and lead. So start practicing in the house instead.

ID Tag And Socialisation

When it’s time to take your puppy for walks, you’ll also want to teach him to socialize with other animals and people. Joining a puppy training class is a great idea at this stage. And also don’t forget to buy him a funky ID tag for his collar! Puppy wants to look stylish too!

Food and Treats

Make sure you get the right puppy food for your dog's developmental stage. It is important to keep your dog healthy with the right nutrition and oral hygiene. You’ll also want to get tasty puppy treats in for training and just because you love him and can’t resist!   

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Diane said...

I have to agree with all you have said here. So many people take on an animal with no idea how it should be treated or cared for. Well done Diane