Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cray Fishing

We always try to go cray gushing whenever we take the kids to Tomlinson Run.  It's a fun activity for  all of us.  We catch them  and then release them again  at the end of our journey.  It's one of those activities that my children both enjoy doing.  
 These cray fish are hard to catch because they are fast.  The kids see a challenge in doing it that's why they  do it.  They are very competitive so both of them wants to see their  skill in catching one.
 Having a bucket helps  in catching them as you don't have to use yuir hands to catch them.  You can just scoop them, still not easy to do though.
 Here showing you how the cray fish retaliated and bit  EJ's  hand when he was about to release them back to the water.
No cray fish was harmed in  doing this activity.  I love that both of our children enjoy this kind  activity.  Hubby and I   always  feel the joy in our hearts  watching our kids work together toward achieving the same goal.  

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