Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Unmissable Checklist For A Dog Walk!

Going for a dog walk is a great way to give your dog some exercise and fresh air. It also means you get some exercise in your life and you will grow a close bond with your canine buddy. Here is our unmissable checklist for a successful dog walk.

Make sure you have a toy

You need to make sure you take a dog toy along with you when you go for a dog walk. They can often get bored if you want to stop and rest for a few moments on a bench. By taking your dog’s favorite chew toy along, they will sit happily for a few moments. It’s also a good idea to take some toy you can throw easily so they can run and get it for you. A frisbee is a popular choice and will be fun for you and your pooch. Just make sure you don’t drop the toy and lose it while you are out on the walk.

Ensure they have had flea treatment

Another thing you need to do before going on a dog walk is to ensure your dog has had flea treatment recently. When you take your dog out, they are likely to go places where other dogs may have been. If they have fleas, they are likely to have left some behind meaning your dog could become infested. It can particularly be bad during the summer months as fleas thrive in heat. You can get some treatments such as comfortis which will kill fleas and stop any arriving for the next month. It will mean you can take them for a walk without worrying about them picking up fleas. Here are some other health problems you should look out for.

Pack some poop bags

It’s highly likely that your dog will decide it’s time to go to the toilet when you’re out on your walk. Therefore, you need to ensure you pack some poop bags in your bag so that you can clean up the mess if it’s done on one of your neighbors gardens. You can get poop bags online or in stores. You still need to check in some parks and woodland areas if you need to move the poop. You could receive a fine in some areas if you do leave it there without cleaning it.

Take a water bottle

Another thing you need to take with you on a dog walk is a water bottle. If your dog gets tired while you’re out on the walk, you can stop and provide them with some water to stop them from getting dehydrated. It’s essential if it’s going to be a hot day as it will stop them from getting poorly.

Plan it in advance

You need to ensure you plan where you are planning to go with your dog on the walk before you head off. You don’t want to end up getting lost while on the walk. Also, if you end up going too far, you will end up carrying your pup back home. You should also check the weather to make sure it’s not going to rain while you are out.

You need to make sure you follow this checklist so that the walk goes smoothly.

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