Monday, June 13, 2016

Man's Bestfriend: Champ and Bolt are Our Family's Bestfriends

Pets are a big part of the family so when you make big changes in your life, decisions involve them too.  We contemplated on  giving our fur babies for adoption  since the new home that we bought does not have a fence but we decided to keep them.  We couldn't bear the thought of waking  up without their tails wagging and always  readyto greet us.  The solution would be is to put  up a fence to the new home.
Our pets are the reason why we put  fences around our  current house.  So even though it would cost us money to put fence again on the new home, we will do it for them.  Our dogs are not trained to  just sit  without  running away so we have to use chain  to keep them but since we don't want to do that, a fence is needed so they can run around  in our backyard freely.  
 Our dog Bolt is such a character.  When I ask my kids to pose for me, Bolt is there posing with them.  He loves to be in front of the camera.
 These photos are just some of the many instances where they love to be around when I want to take pictures of the kids.
 They are always my daughter's photo buddies.
 Bolt is big  but he loves to cuddle.  When we are all sitting in the  ccouch, he would always  come and  sit by us.  
 Our lives would not be the same without them.
 So even though they  are sometimes an inconvenience especially wqhen we travel, it's worth all the hassle we go through because they bring us  smiles.
 They are the moist loyal individuals, mostly loyal than  many people I now.
 So Bolt and Champ, you are staying with us, no matter what.  I apologize that we even thought of putting you guys  for adoption but glad we didn't.
 So enjoy your stay and I hope that we could be  together for a very long time.
 Champ, I know that you don't like  Veterinary visit but  it is that time again, Friday will be you and your brother's  annual vaccination. 
 Champ is my gardening buddy when the kids are in school.  He keep me company when I am gardeing, trying to  give his ball for me to fetch.  He love to play.
 Bolt is a big fan of his sister.
 Funny when she is in school, BOlt  stays in her bedroom.
 So for these two, we have so many memories to make ahead on our new home.
Champ and Bolt are Our Family's Bestfriends.

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