Monday, May 23, 2016

To Keep or Not to Keep our Fur Babies

We are torn on whether  to put our  fur babies for adoption or to keep  them.  We love our dogs and I can't imagine moving to our new home  without them.  The dilemma we are having is that,  the new house does not have a fence and we just refinished  the  wood flooring.  I told my husband that we can keep one but he said that if we are getting rid of one, we are getting rid of  both of them, wahhh.  So we haven't decided what to do yet although our Jack Russell has a taker already.  
I think we are going to end up keeping them.  The solution would be to put up a fence  in the back yard so  they won't run away.  

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Rhodesia said...

Very sad, I could never give my animals away, a fence would be first priority to me. Diane