Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Baby Bunny

I was about to go out the door to get the mail when I saw  the baby wild rabbit digging in my front garden.  I went back and got my camera.  I slowly walk towards him and keep taking pictures.
 It was funny, he stood there like a statue.  I think he was thinking that he doesn't move I won't notice him but he was my fascination lol.
 I was amazed that he did not move as I got closer.
 I thought for sure that he would hop away as soon as I stepped down the driveway.
 But he didn't..
 I clicked some more..
 and more..
 until I was up in his face lol.
 Then he realized I wasn't going to stop so he hopped away.
Thanks for the  pleasure of letting me take pictures of you baby bunny!

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