Friday, April 1, 2016

Wonderful Ways To Memorialise Your Pet

No matter the circumstances, it is highly likely that once you lay your pet to rest, you will want to memorialise them in some way. Here are a handful of suggestions to suit every different taste and preference.

An urn
One rather traditional method is, if your pet has been cremated, to keep their ashes in an urn. You can then display the urn wherever you like around your house, like on your bookshelf or fireplace. Just make sure it is kept out of harm’s way. Or, if you have a waterproof version, you could keep it in your garden. Some come with a special place to put a picture of your pet.

A memorial service
Having an actual service for your pet doesn’t have to be cheesy, and you shouldn’t be at all embarrassed. Our pets become a huge part of our lives over our lifetime. Just as it is good to have a memorial service for a friend or family member, it can be for a pet.
A simple idea is to gather all of your family together. Make a drink for everyone and sit down without distractions, like the TV or radio. Then, take it in turns to share some favourite memories. At the end, light a candle and have a moments silence together.
Create an online memorial site
Another option is to create an online memorial site. Here you can upload your favourite pictures and videos, as well as words from your family and loved one. Doing so can be highly cathartic. It can also be a way for people away from home to mourn the loss. For example, if you have older children who have now grown away and moved away from home.

Pet memorial diamonds

Why not hire a specialist company to turn your pet’s ashamed into a diamond. If you don’t have ashes, you can also use hair. Pet memorial diamonds are are identical to tradition diamonds. The only difference is that rather than them being made from carbon found in nature, they are made from your loved one’s carbon. This happens under laboratory conditions. The end result is a beautiful diamond that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Make a scrapbook
Another very cathartic way of memorialising your pet is to make a scrapbook. Inside you can put pictures and mementoes. This might be some material from their favourite toy, or their collar, for example. Get the family involved and have them contribute things also. You can then bring the book down if you start to miss you pet. Plus, if you move house, you can easily take it with you. Or, if you go and visit family and friends who knew and loved your pet, you could take it to show them also.

Plant a flower or tree
Did your pet have a favourite spot in the garden? Was there a place they always sunbathed, or a plant they tried to chew up every year? Plant a special flower or tree in that place. You can watch it grow, and be reminded of the love between you and your pet for many years to come.

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