Friday, April 1, 2016

Getting a New Pet Means It’s Time to Remodel

When most people do a home remodel, they do it because they either have an addition to their family, in the form of a new child, or they have a subtraction to their family, in the form of children moving out of the house. They may want to add on a new room, or they may want to take a room that was once used as a bedroom and turn it into a room where they can sew, lift weights, or perform some other hobby.
Our dining room, formerly a bedroom
There is a recent trend in home remodels that have focused on the idea of making a home pet friendly. When people get a new dog or a new cat, they make changes to their home so that their animal will be safe, and so that their animal will enjoy their new home.

Some of the remodel ideas include redesigning the mud room. The mud room is the entryway that is usually connected to the back of the home or connected to the garage. In some homes, the mudroom is surprisingly nice and even includes a beautiful wood floor and well decorated walls. However, dogs do not care how nice a floor looks or how beautiful the walls are. When they come into the house, they are going to have muddy paws and are going to shake the water off of their fur. So one remodeling project could be to scale down the mudroom and include hooks, shelves, and other storage area where leashes, jackets, and other dog walking necessities could be stored. It may be a good idea to have dry towels stored in the mudroom as well, just in case Fido had a romp in a mud puddle.
Many new pet owners have seen the benefit of removing carpet and replacing the carpet with tile, wood, or some other easily to clean surface. Again, pets do not respect carpet. It is likely that they will see the carpet as a soft, comfortable spot for them to take care of their necessities. It is easy for a pet owner to get an estimate today on what it would cost to remove their carpet and replace it with a hardwood floor, a linoleum floor, or a tile floor.

Some individuals have gone as far as adding shelving throughout their entire home that their cats can play on. They have changed their doors to allow for dog and cat entrances. All of these changes have turned their home into a safe, fun environment that their pets will enjoy.

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