Monday, March 7, 2016

Four Exotic Birds That Make Fantastic Pets

Keeping a bird can brighten up your home. Whether in a large cage or allowed to fly free, exotic birds will add colour and birdsong. But it is important to know what you are getting yourself into before purchasing one. Exotic birds require a lot of care and need a specific environment to thrive in.

The type and extent of the care you need to give depends on the bird you get. Parrots aren’t the only exotic birds out there; you will find you have quite a large choice to pick from. Want some help making a decision? Here are three birds that make fantastic pets.


A very popular family pet, budgerigars are more commonly known as budgies. Most of the time, caring for exotic birds can be quite time-consuming. However, Budgies are one of the easiest to look after, making them popular family pets. These inexpensive birds love to chatter and will delight children with their singing. On the whole, they are gentle pets and rarely bite. They will need to be let out of their cage a few times a week so they can stretch their wings. Very flighty birds, they could be difficult for young children to handle.


These colourful birds are extremely cuddly and love to be petted. Not as active as budgies, cockatiels are excellent company and will love to sit and preen in your presence. They are also very clever and learn tricks very easily. When you are preparing your bird’s cage, you need to include lots of perches for it. Be careful not to put any Oak or Prunus wood, as they can harm your bird. Cockatiels are happy in pairs, so it’s a good idea to think about buying two birds together. This way, they can keep each other company!


Many people are put off from owning a Macaw Parrot as they need a very large cage and need lots of attention. Once a macaw is used to a social environment, they will be very gentle and loving birds. They are extremely boisterous, which can sometimes be mistaken for aggression. This is especially the case when they lunge at people. Many people are intimidated by this, however, to the Macaw this is just a game. Your bird will need lots of toys to keep it busy.


Often mistaken for Macaws, Conures are a smaller parrot. But they are distantly related to the each other and, therefore, share many personality traits with the large birds. You will be able to teach your Conure many tricks, including lifting a claw and whistling on request. These birds may not be as chatty as cockatiels or budgies, but when they do vocalize their thoughts they will do so much louder than the smaller birds! Each Conure will squawk at its own unique pitch. When choosing a bird, look for one that has a pitch you will be able to tolerate!

Both kids and adults will enjoy the addition of an exotic bird to your home! If you want more information on different species, speak to your local pet shop.


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