Friday, January 1, 2016

Vanellope von Schweetz into Penelope

 We named  the female  guinea pig that we recently adopted after one of the character's in Wreck it Ralp, Vanellope von Schweetz,  only we changed it into Penelope.  We adopted her from a friend's friend  who gave her up due to allergies.  We got her on the 21st of November  and our children were delighted to have nother one.
Our male guinea pig, Dunkin, was just starting to warm up with her  but she suddenly passed away.  We  were worried about her when we gfirst got her because she  doesn't seem to drink a lot of water compared to our male GP.  We thought, it was normal since she was a different kind/breed.  
I think she was already sick when we got her because she wasn't as active as Dunkin.
 These were the last photos that we took when she was  still alive.  She died on the 20th of December, my kids were deastated.
 They were very fond of her because she look like the  bunny that we had and  just recently died as well. 
 I don't really know what went wrong.  We came to feed her on that morning and saw that she was dead.
 Dunkin, miss her for sure.
 It was fun watching both of thm chase each other.
 It was a month of joy having her.  Too bad, she died so quickly and did not stay with us  for so long.  My husband burried her beside the  bunnies' grave in our backyard.
 We only had her for a short period of time but  it still made us sad  when she passed.
 We noticed that now that she's gone, Dunkin seem to  look for more attention from us.  He cries every time he hears a noise in the house,
 My son wants a new  guinea pig to replace Penelope but I told him we will give it a time.  It is hard when  a pet dies.
 I hope that Dukin will live longer than Penny did.
 He loves that attention that we give him every time.  HIs favorite is  our daughter as he always  crawls by her neck every time she picks him up.
 I have been trying to  give him some other tyype of greens but he would only eat lettuce.
 I see some videos online where their  guinea pis eat other fruit and veggies butours doesn't want any but lettuce.  He used to  reject lettuce too but  I was persistent.
 Now he loves it.
 I feel bad that he doesn't have  a playmate anymore.
Goodbye Penekope!

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