Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Doggie Daycare

Winter is officially here, it's been snowing since last night.  The school is closed today due to the weather.  I am a little bit concern   for the weekend because we are suppose to take our kids to  an indoor amusement park and if it's going to  snow, we might not be able to go.  We booked  our trip last week and we based the weather on the  scheduled forecast, hopefully it won't change.  We will be celebrating our son's 9th birthday and it would be nice  to push through despite the cold weather.
 We still haven't decided where to  pit our  two fur babies while we were gone.  I wish Doggie daycare cincinnati ohio is nearby so we can  put them there.  We will only be gone  for  few hours so I think  they will be okay.  
I am so glad that we trained our dogs so well.  They sleep downstairs in their  crate so when it's night time and they are ready to go to bed, they scratch on the door  and wants to go down.  Whenever we have to leave, they  go down there without us telling them.  They know when we put our coats on that they have to go in their crate.  We love these two fur babies, they are  very loving especially Bolt.

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