Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Quick Guide to Setting Up a Fishpond

We love all sorts of animals at Pets & Critters, and they don't have to be furry to be cute. Fish can be fascinating creatures to own, whether you have them indoors or outdoors. You might not be able to cuddle them or take them for walks, but they're incredible to watch. You can feed them and even stroke them if you're craving interaction. Building a pond outside is an excellent idea if you love fish. You get to add some pets to your family, and it makes the exterior of your home look beautiful too. Goldfish and koi are some of the most popular fish to put in a pond. If you'd like to add them to your family, here's how to set up your pond.

Size and Location

A pond with fish in it needs to be a reasonable size to give your fish a happy life. The water needs to have enough oxygen for the fish, so it needs to be big enough. And, of course, the fish need space to swim around! You'll have to consider how wide and deep your pond is going to be before you install it. Hopefully, you have a suitable spot in mind. Some things to think about include any debris that could fall into the water. A pond under trees could require a lot of maintenance. Pond plants will need plenty of sunlight, so if you're planting some, keep your pond out of the shade.
What Sort of Fish?

What kind of fish should you put in your pond? Koi carp and goldfish are two popular choices for keeping outside. There are a few factors to take into account when you choose. Koi are bigger and so need more space, and they will also eat almost any plant. If you decide on koi, you should be careful about your plant selection. Your next issue might be where to buy your fish. It might surprise you that you can find goldfish and koi fish for sale online. You order them over the internet, and they will be safely delivered to you when you're ready for them. Of course, you can also visit a pet shop or perhaps a garden center.
Plants in Your Pond

Putting plants in your pond is an excellent idea, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. Plants look beautiful, but they also help to keep your pond and fish healthy. They help to filter the water, and some types of plants can oxygenate the pond too. So putting in plants will reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do. It's best to do some reading about which plants will thrive in your pond before buying any.
Pond Maintenance and Safety

Once your pond is set up, you need to look after it. Plants and the positioning of your pond will help to reduce maintenance. However, you will still have to care for it. Many people choose to put some netting over their pond to stop things getting in. It's also a good idea to use a sturdy cover if there are pets and small children around. You don't want anyone falling in.

A pond can be an awesome addition to your outdoor space. It's good for the environment, and it can attract frogs and other amphibians too.


Elizabeth O. said...

I never tried building a fish pond at home, but these tips are definitely helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Nova said...

The tips you provided is very clear and simple, definitely a great information to those who would like to make their own fish pond.

Jessica Cassidy said...

These are very helpful tips Sis. We have a pond and also we stack in with different kind of fish.

JOJO VITO said...

I really wanted to put up one, but I have a lot of dogs at home. My first attempt was disastrous, my doggies though i built it for them as their pool, whew!