Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reasons Your Kids Deserve A Dog

What parent doesn’t want the best for their kids? What parent wouldn't do anything to help their children be healthier and happier? Of course, every Mom and Dad would do all they could. And if you knew there was something that you could do better, would you do it? Absolutely, Well if you don’t have a dog then you could be doing more! Studies have shown what dog lovers have known for years. Dogs are great for people but they are even better for kids.

Dogs make kids healthier

Even babies benefit from having a dog around. Studies have been showing that babies who are growing up with a dog in the house have less coughs, runny noses and ear infections. It is also being shown that even babies who have allergies are overcoming them when they are around dogs.
If someone had told you that dogs could cure eczema would you have believed them? They’d be a miracle cure. But it is true. Children who have dogs in the house are showing less tendency towards eczema and other skin diseases. It would seem that these pooches are boosting the immune systems of children they come into contact with. Children around dogs recover more quickly from illness.

Dogs make kids happier

From the scruffiest mutt imaginable to the most adorable white labrador puppies. Dogs are changing children's lives for the better. Dogs increase good mood factors and playing with their dogs helps children feel less stressed. When a child interacts with a dog something magical happens. That relationship blossoms and fills the child with increased self esteem.
Dogs teach kids well.

Encouraging a child to take care of a dog gives them a greater sense of responsibility.They learn about trust and also about giving. A dog is without judgement, totally loving and filled with loyalty. Children pick up on that and they understand it. They learn to recognise and value these qualities in themselves. A dog is a great infinitely patient teacher. A dog displays selfless commitment, loyalty and patience. When you think about it this is a list of virtues we’d all love to instill in our kids. A dog is all of them personified.
Dogs make children fitter.

Well dogs make us all fitter, but children have a wonderful energy. The opportunity to play with a dog brings it out again and again. Playing with dog toys, walking, running, jumping, fetching, throwing, getting wet and getting muddy. A dog is a brilliant play pal for a child. When a child is given responsibility for a dog they become part friend, part teacher and loyal buddy. Training your dog makes a relationship for life.
Dogs protect children

It has to be said, a dog is loyal without question. A dog would give its life for your child. It will protect it and guard it. Your child is safer with a dog around. Your home is safer with a dog around.
Dogs are great for kids and that’s a fact. Actually I’m not sure I can think of a single reason our kids should not have a dog.

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