Thursday, December 3, 2015

Our Guinea Pigs: Penelope and Dunkin

Introducing Penelope, our newly adopted  guinea pig.  She is a peruvian kind of guinea pig.  The first  one that we have has short hair while  this one has a long hair.
A friend asked me if we would like to adopt a guinea pig.   Since we already have one male guinea pig, we wanted to have a female so he would have a companion.  Besides, my son wanted one too  since his siter got one for her  birthday.  We were going to  buy him one too but we lucked out when my friend gave us the female one that her friend is  giving away for adoption.  
Penelope reminds us of our favorite bunny, Wubzy.  We all cried when he died because he was a very good pet, very social and friendly.
When we first brought her home, we did not know what to expect when we introduced her to Dunkin.  At first meeting, Dunkin was very  affresive and was chasing her around and doing this loud purr sound that they do.  However that changed when Penelope   fought back and said "Enough!"
Now, when we  put them  together in a vry big box so they can get acquainted, Dunkin  gets very nervous when Penelope stare at him.  We put them in each own cages  at night time.
They are getting fasmiliar with each other now and get along a little bit.
We included them in our family picture this year.
As you can see, they seem to like each other now unlike the past first week, they really  did not want to be together lol.
A friend of mine who had guinea pigs before told me that it takes time for them to get along.  I am glad they are starting to acceot each other.  At least  from what I can  aww when I put them together in play pen.

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