Monday, December 7, 2015

Love Naut

My kids  call our guinea pigs Love Nauts.  They hated each  other at first but now, they starting to co-exist  with each other  even in one cage.  We still separate them every night but we let them  get to know each other  during the day in a big box.  
 Penelope  ks a long haired  perivian guinea pig so we get to  ix her hair with stuff.  As long as you are gentle, she's fine with it.
Dunkin seems to enjoy his companion now.  He still get jumpy at times but he is  getting better withdealong with Penelope.  I still miss  our bunnies  but  these guinea pigs are good replacement for them especially for the kids.  They were devastated when our ast bunny died because Wubzy was a very good pet who love to hang out with us.

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