Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christmas Gift for our Jack Russel Terrier

Remember that Kong Holiday JUmbler that I reviewed few weeks back? We wrapped it for Champ even thoough h really wanted it the moment it arrived. We want him to open a gift too during Christmas and that's what we did.
Champ being a JRT is fearless unlike our  other dogBolt who is afraid of his own shadow.  With Champ, he loves  things that makes noises so the jumbler was a perfect toy for him.
I should have took a video of him when he was opening the box because he was really into it.
He eventually had it open which is really good because the  she box where we put it was hard.
He did it eventually and he couldn't be more excited when he saw what's inside.
This is his  new favorite toy to play with now.
We also got them a new bed padding for their crate and  they both love it since it's a bit thicker than the  former one that they have.
These  two has been  a great pets for us since we back from  my husband's last tour in Asia.  They are the biggest part of my husband's life after the Navy.
Dogs are like kids, they are a source of joy to any home.

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