Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Odd and Unusual Pets Your Kids Will Love

We all know that kids love spending time with animals. Indeed, that’s why we spend so much cash on taking them to safari parks and the zoo. Most parents choose to purchase a cat or dog if they get a pet for their little ones. However, there is nothing wrong with looking for unusual alternatives. You just need to make sure you understand how to care for the animals properly. The last thing you want is for your kids to learn about the cycle of life after having a frog for only one evening. It’s important you create the right habitats and climates to ensure these creatures survive.

Russian Tortoise

Lots of people choose to keep tortoises as pets these days. You can get them from most decent pet shops for little expense. However, the equipment you require to keep them alive isn’t cheap. Do yourself a favour and undertake a Russian tortoise care course before you make the purchase. That is the best way to ensure you understand all your responsibilities, and you give them the best life possible. There are many species of tortoise from which you can select. Just choose a species that is renowned for making good family pets.


Everyone loves seeing hedgehogs near their home during the winter months. Many people even leave food and milk outside for them. Well, you can buy them from most pet shops these days and keep them in your home. Pygmy hedgehogs are the most popular because they are small and easy to manage. However, they can cost upwards of £300 for a pair. So, you might consider visiting a rescue centre if you don’t want to break the bank. You can usually get them from those establishments for a small donation.

Praying Mantis

Sometimes kids like something more insect-like. If that’s the case with your little ones, you can’t go wrong with a praying mantis. So long as you purchase the right enclosure and get the temperature right, caring for them is simple. It’s not the type of pet your children can cuddle on the sofa, and they should avoid touching it altogether. However, watching a praying mantis through the glass is a great experience. They are so incredibly interesting that your kids are sure to enjoy their company. Again, just make sure you educate yourselves ahead of time. The feeding routine is very important for the survival of this creature.

I’ve listed three weird and unusual pets today, but there are thousands of others from which you could select. Just search online for “unusual pets I can keep legally.” Make sure you check laws in your home country if you choose something large. Believe it or not, people with the right licences can keep almost anything. It’s even possible to have monkeys and crocodiles as pets if you meet the right conditions. That said, it’s wise for everyone to start small and save themselves some money. Caring for a pygmy hedgehog isn’t cheap, but monkeys are going to cost you a fortune.

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Kelly Feigel said...

Nice article! I personally love the Russian Tortoises, I see that one made your list!

I own 3, all females, Bridgette, Shelly and Sandy!

I would definitely recommend one as a pet. They are fairly easy to take care of, not too expensive as far as vet/medical and ever day necessities like food and housing... oh and they are adorable too!

- Kelly