Monday, October 26, 2015

Things To Consider When Buying A Pet Bird

Birds are wonderful creatures and make brilliant pets. However there are things you need to consider before you make this huge commitment. Birds, like all pets require love and attention from their owners. They also need money, patience and quality bonding time. Do you have what it takes to be a pet bird parent? Read on to find out more.
Do you have enough time?

Pet birds need a lot of attention. They need time to bond with you as an owner and other members of your family. This is vital for them to feel safe and relaxed in your home. When given this quality time, they can be very affectionate pets and become valued members of the family. You need to be aware that different birds require different things from you. Doing your own research is also going to take some time. If you have other pets in your home it is important that they all learn how to socialise together. This will take a lot of patience, but can be achieved.

Do not be mistaken. Having a pet bird is a lot more effort than a cat or dog. It’s just as important to build that strong bond you have with your other animals. You need to ensure you make plenty of time to play and interact with your pet, as often as possible. Don’t forget it will also take a fair amount of time to frequently clean their cages too.

Where is the bird going to live?

Birds love to get attention. It’s important that you consider where you would keep their cage, so it will allow them to get plenty of human interaction. A kitchen or living room are ideal.

Choosing the right cage for your bird is an essential task. If you get it wrong it could be detrimental to your pet's development and happiness. Take a look at these Avian Adventures bird cages. They offer some wonderful cages, in an array of sizing depending on the bird in question. It’s important that you buy a cage that is big enough for your bird to freely move around in. A simple rule of thumb is to buy a cage that is three times bigger than your desired bird's wing span.

Can you afford a pet bird?

Veterinary bills, Insurance, and food bills all add up. Will you be able to continuously offer your bird the support it needs? Your local vets may not treat birds, so you may have to make longer trips to get them medical treatment, which can also be very expensive. Something else to consider is their life span. If treated well they can live almost as long as humans. Would you be able to sustain their upkeep for this long?

Bird such as parrots, need stimulation to keep them happy, so will also require lots of toys to amuse them. These will need to be replaced every so often, to avoid them getting bored.

Owning any bird is a huge responsibility. Think very carefully about whether or not you have the time to bond with them, can afford them and can provide them with a safe environment. If you think that you can cater for each of these I think you will make a fantastic owner. Now go and find your new feathered friend.

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Diane said...

Good advice and many of the comments you make here are the same for any animal. They are not cheap to keep, food and vets bills and have you the time to be with them. All animals need love and attention. Take care Diane