Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dog Cuisine: The Do’s and Don’ts

Dog cuisine & treats come in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes these days, but what goes in to that food matters much more than the size of the kibble! With all of the brands available to a consumer today, you want to be sure to get the most nutritious and delicious meals for your canine friends.
When choosing a treat or a meal for your furry friend, there are ingredients to chase after and ingredients to bury in the backyard! Always check the back of the bag or back of the can to view a list of ingredients contained in your dog’s food. Just as in human food, items that have high portions in the product will be featured first. Items lower on the ingredient lists are not featured prominently in the foods recipe.

Meat should definitely be found within the first 5 ingredients of your dog food label. Whether beef, poultry, fish, or pork you want meat to feature prominently in your dog’s food as this is what will keep them healthy!

Other ingredients that are included in dog food may seem strange, but do provide large amounts of energy for your pup! Wheat flour, barley flour and brown rice are common dog food ingredients used to provide extra energy for your dog. Vitamins and minerals also help to keep your dog strong and healthy.

You want to avoid foods that contain a large amount of wheat, corn, soy & preservatives, or at least purchase foods that have these low on the ingredient list. These items don’t contain the nutrients that your dog needs, and some of them are simply filler.

Fats are an item that you may think belongs on the ‘bury’ list, but some fats are good for dogs and humans alike! Saturated fats, like those found in peanut butter and cheese, pack your pups food with an extra energy punch!

No matter which foods or treats you choose, you want to find a type of food that your dog enjoys!

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