Monday, October 26, 2015

Are You Ready For A Lifetime Of Happiness With Your Pet?

When you commit to having a pet, you are committing to providing for that little furry for the rest of their life. It’s a wonderful journey from puppy or kitten right through to their twilight years. They will provide you with hours of fun, comfort and companionship every day for many years. But they will also cost you a small fortune in veterinarian fees. They might also cause a lot of destruction to your home!

A lifetime with a pet gives you the chance to bond and get to know each other. Your furry baby will know when you need a cuddle, and he’ll know when to hide until you’ve cleaned up! It’s true that pets can make a terrible mess in our homes. Upsets, poor training and illness, can cause toileting accidents around the home. These things happen, though, and come with the territory of pet ownership.

Your pet may also be destructive with their teeth or claws. Cats like to scratch furniture. Dogs like to chew shoes. Keep temptation away or provide other distractions. Scratching poles and chew toys are wonderful ways for your pet to do what they need to do without destroying your home. When they’ve performed the right behavior, a small treat can help reinforce that you are pleased with them.
All pets need exercise. You may not be keen to let your bunny or cat out of the house, but fresh air and interaction with your garden is very healthy for them. You can use a bunny run to keep your rabbit in. But a solid fence buried a little beneath the topsoil is usually secure enough. A cat will jump up an eight-foot fence with no problem. And they’ll travel up to a mile away from your home without thinking about it. The best you can do is an ID collar.

Cats are wild at heart, and they may kill smaller creatures. Some will do it simply by playing too rough. Others will eat what they have caught. But some cats will bring you what they killed as a gift. It is an offering for the larder. If you scold your cat, he may do it again thinking the offering was inadequate. Thank your cat, and then deal with the gift as best you can. A bell on the collar can reduce your cat’s chances of success.

As animals get into old age, they suffer some of the physical difficulties we humans have. Joint stiffness and discomfort are common. When it comes to your canine companion, you should choose the best joint supplements for dogs you can find to help reduce the symptoms. You may need to take your walks more slowly, and provide a jacket to keep his back and hips warm.

As our pets age, all of their needs will change except for one - You. They will still need your love, understanding and compassion. Most importantly, they will need your companionship. Some of the old games may need to be adapted, but they will still want to play with you. Love your pet for life.


Nova said...

Pets does give such joy to their owner not only that they are loyal but also truly cute.

Elizabeth O. said...

Having a pet is like having a kid. If you can't be responsible for its welfare, just forget about getting one! It's a commitment indeed!

JOJO VITO said...

oh I have so many pets at home. we have plenty of love birds, dogs and fishes...they are treated like members of the family

papaleng said...

Is that a Beagle? so cute naman. Rabbits and the likes is a no-no sa house. ang bilis kasi nilang dumami and the life span is just too short.

jo said...

We don't have a pet but fish. Can't handle a 'new' baby at the moment. But I'd choose dogs over cats. :)