Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How To Keep Your Furry Critters Clean & Healthy

Just like humans, your animals need plenty of care and attention to stay fit and healthy. When you care for your little ones properly, they’ll live a long and happy life. But, caring for an animal, whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, or something else, is a big job. There are lots of small factors to take into account, and you’ll have to take daily action to keep them healthy. Regular readers will know that we’re obsessed with our fur babies! So, here’s how we keep them clean and healthy every single day.

Dental care

Your animal’s teeth are perhaps the most important aspect of their daily care. Unfortunately, too many owners neglect teething problems, and it can lead to terrible health problems. Dogs, for example, need daily teeth cleaning, just like us! They also need chew toys to keep their teeth sharp and strong. The same goes for cats and rabbits. Bunnies, for instance, will stop eating if they experience teething problems. This can be fatal within 24 hours if not taken care off. If you’ve got animals of any sort, take care of their teeth!

Washing and bathing

This is easier said than done for some animals! If you’ve got a pet who loves the bath, then congratulations. You’re one of the lucky few! For everyone else, you need to come up with some tricks and techniques for washing and bathing them. We’ve picked up a few tricks from our friends at Pet Bath House over the years, but bath night is still a struggle! The dogs don’t mind too much, but have you ever tried to bathe a rabbit? Trust me, they don’t like it!


In our house, we have a soft spot for furry and fluffy animals. The more hair, the better! Unfortunately, that means a lot of grooming. Without regular grooming, your pet’s hair will grow matted and dirty. It creates a thriving environment for ticks and fleas, which we all know is bad news. Of course, you must also consider your own living environment. If you don’t groom your animal regularly, they’ll malt and shed their fur all over the house. It’s bad for allergies, and for house cleanliness.

Good diet

It goes without saying that your little one needs a balanced and healthy diet. It all depends on the type of animal, and their size and weight. Our best advice here is to speak to your vet, and discuss the best course of action. Again, it’s not dissimilar to humans. They need lots of protein, vitamins, minerals and water. Try to avoid too many treats, fats, and sugars.

Plenty of exercise

If you already look after an animal, you know they’re excitable and full of energy. (Unless, of course, you own a tortoise). Most animals need lots of space to stretch their legs and release their energy. Dogs need walks up to three times a day, while other animals need a dedicated space to play in.

Follow our advice, and you’ll keep your furry critters in wonderful health.


Nova said...

this is really a great tips to those who have pets that want to them to live such a healthy life.

Elizabeth O. said...

Such a cutie pie! My shih tzuh was just as hairy. We would always take him to the groomer twice a month just to trim his hair.

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

These are good tips on how to keep your pets happy and healthy. Your daughter and her pet are so cute!

JOJO VITO said...

I love animals, I have quite a number of dogs in the house, fish, lovebirds...but haven't tried a rabbit :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

Awww! your furry bunny looks so cute and fluffy Sis R. Ms. Burrito looks beautiful too. We try to give our dogs a bath, but now that cold weather is here, we need to give them a bath inside which is a hassle.