Monday, September 28, 2015

Beautiful Ways To Remember Your Pet

I’ve had a few pets over the years, so I know the likelihood is they will depart this earthly plane before me. Now I have the kids, I think it’s harder when they pass. I feel their heartbreak, and it makes my own so much worse. It certainly made me more reluctant to have any new pets after our bunny died. But we now have a new furry baby in the family, and life is carrying on.
Our Pomeranian, Chelsea

This doesn’t mean that any of us has forgotten about our beloved bunny or that we miss him any less. But it does mean we are realistic in our expectations. We all have so much love to give to animals. It would be criminal to waste that. And we are ready to receive that love back from our new furry baby too.
Our JRT, Champ
None of my past pets has been forgotten. I take the time to look at the old photographs every so often. And each of the new furries that come into my life will remind me a little of those I’ve lost. We’re big fans of scrapbooking in our family. I love making up a scrapbook for each of our pets. Of course, I’m always saddened when the last photo goes in.
With Bolt
The kids have written stories and poems about our lost pets before. I too have had creative flurries when grieving. I think each loss does affect you in a different way. And I think you do go through the full grieving process and stages, just as you would for a human. There is anger there, and guilt. But most importantly, there is love.
With Maximus
We do like to do our pet funerals quite formally too. We have a little service in the garden. Some pets from my family are resting with other people’s furry babies in the pet cemetery. Others are laid to rest in the garden. I think it is a wonderful way to say goodbye to those furry members of the family who can’t continue with us.
Our late Bunnies, Matilda and Wubzy
I’ve recently heard about turning ashes into diamonds for jewelry and other keepsakes. You can do this for human ashes as well as pet ashes. I can see how this would help people feel their pets were still close and with them. There are lots of lovely ideas like this out there. After all, most of us carry photos of our pets in our wallets.

I’m capturing more and more video footage of our pets, especially when they’re playing with the kids. Perhaps one day I’ll start putting them together into some kind of video scrapbook. It’s nice to sit and remember them like this occasionally. When I’m watching with the kids, it’s a good way for them to talk about their feelings too.

Rest in peace Wubzy
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We all have so many wonderful memories of our pets past and present. Remembering them all is important as they have all touched your heart and soul in so many ways. You might have a memorial, or you might keep their ashes in a drawer. Perhaps you even have a piece of jewelry in their memory? How do you like to remember your pet?


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