Friday, September 25, 2015

Amazing Animals You Should Never Keep As A Pet

There are lots of amazing animals that live all over the world. Some of them are dangerous, and others are pretty friendly. However, you should never keep any of the species listed on this page as a pet. There are some countries in which you can legally buy them if you have the right facilities, but it’s still a bad idea. You’ve probably seen those TV documentaries that show the world’s most dangerous pets, right? Well then, you should understand how much hassle they can cause. Also, it’s not very fair on the animal. Most of the species mentioned on this page are considered wild. You should not try to tame them.

Presuming you’re looking for a new pet, get a dog, cat, or guinea pig. They are warm and friendly animals that are perfect for your home. You should only buy the ones listed below if you have special licenses. Even then, I think it’s a pretty bad idea. Some of them are strong enough to overpower you can cause serious injury. However, they’re all fantastic creatures that we should celebrate. Just make sure you do that without putting them in a cage. You wouldn’t like it, and neither do they.

Snow Leopard

The standard snow leopard habitat is not something you can create at home. Those animals need lots of space to run around, and prey to catch. You will have seen how gorgeous they look on wildlife programs, and that might make you think they are friendly. That is not the case. A snow leopard could try to attack if it feels under threat. You would struggle to keep your family safe with one of these in the house. So, you should look at alternatives. People who love snow leopards and want to see more of them should visit their local sanctuary. Don’t bring one home because that would be stupid. It’s cruel, and the animal will be unhappy at the very least.


In the US, it is possible to keep chimpanzees if you build a large enough enclosure and undergo assessments. Even so, it’s a terrible idea. They might be cute and cuddly monkeys when they are young, but that soon changes. Chimpanzees are some of the loudest and most mischievous animals in the world. Adults are strong enough to kill a human in seconds. They’re very clever too. Many people who keep them at home claim they learn how to get out of their enclosure quickly. Again, anyone who wants to spend time with chimpanzees can do so in a safe environment. Just contact your local sanctuary or zoo for more information. The staff will be more than happy to help.

Lots of people think that Lemurs are some of the cutest animals around today. However, they are awful pets for the same reasons as chimpanzees. They are known to launch into a rampage without warning. Also, they won’t think twice to injure you if they feel under threat. While Lemurs aren’t as strong as most other primates, they will still cause lots of damages. Head down to your local safari park if you don’t believe me. There, you can observe them in their natural habitat and see how troublesome they can become. Lemurs are also known to love the art of throwing feces. You simply can’t have one in your home because it’s too dangerous. Many carry the HIV-1 virus.


Over the last few years, lots of people have begun to purchase rattlesnakes as pets. They think the sound of their rattle is interesting, and that is why there is so much appeal. However, keeping any venomous creature is not sensible. That is especially the case if you aren’t specially trained in dealing with them. A rattlesnake bite could kill you in a matter of minutes, and it would do the same to any of your guests. You might think that isn’t an issue because you keep it in a secure tank. However, those are the famous last words. Rattlesnakes are strong and sneaky animals that can escape from almost any situation. The last thing you want is to wake up in the night with one looking you in the eye.

Black bears

Some extreme pet enthusiasts try to keep black bears at home. They think the animals show many humanistic traits, and so they presume they are safe. While some bears can remain calm their entire lives, that is not the case in most instances. As soon as that big boy gets hungry, he’s going to feel different. Bears are strong enough to rip a human apart in seconds. They don’t tend to do that because most folks are not silly enough to keep them as pets. The famous bear Hercules was an exception to the rule. That doesn’t mean you will get so lucky. Bears are wild animals, and so you never know what they are thinking. Even if they seem like they love your company, they could still attack.


Keeping bats is a massive mistake. Lots of people think it’s fine because they are happy in standard bird enclosures. That is not true, and you should change your perception as soon as possible. Bats carry so many dangerous diseases that it is impossible to list them all today. Just to give you an idea, many of them carry Rabies and SARS. So, they could send you to an early grave with the smallest of bites. Only those with special training should handle bats because they are nocturnal animals. The species is not used to human contact, and we should try to keep it that way.

Please take notice of the information in this article. I would hate to read yet another story of someone dying because they purchased the wrong pet. I know all animals are stunning, and I know you want to take them home. However, it is not realistic or safe to do so. If you want to spend a lot of time with the species mentioned above, you need to get a job at an animal sanctuary. You could spend eight hours with them every day if you do that. It’s much better than keeping them in an unfamiliar environment that is not tailored to their needs.

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