Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Guide To Preventing Common Health Issues In Dogs

As a dog owner, keeping your dog in great health is a priority. You always try to employ good routines and precautions. But with so many potential afflictions that could affect the pup’s health, keeping on top of things can be tough.

You should be quick to visit the vet if a serious problem arises. Nevertheless, the best way to treat your dog well is to take preventative action against the most common and serious issues.

Here are four regular health issues, along with the best ways to battle against them. Employ them now and your dog should stay healthy and happy.

Eye Infections
As with humans, eyes are extremely important to dogs. Unfortunately, there are a number of conditions that your pup could encounter. Knowing how to react when this does happen is a must. However, you can also take various precautionary measures.

There are several dietary changes that you could make to reduce the risks. More importantly, you should employ a good grooming routine. Wipe dirt away with cotton pads to avoid harmful build up.

Try to keep hair around the eyes short too, as this can irritate them.

Skin Irritation
Many dogs suffer issues with their skin. It’s quite common to see them scratching. Funnily enough, this can often be a result of over cleaning the pet. One of the best improvements you can make is to reduce the amount of baths your dog takes to two per week.

Another common problem is dandruff. Dry skin can contribute to dog dandruff, and understanding how to battle against this will make life a lot easier for your pup.

Skin irritations might seem like a small issue. If they are left unattended, though, they can evolve into quite serious conditions. The key is to act fast before it snowballs out of control.

Oral Hygiene
A dog’s teeth are arguably even more important than a human’s. Not only do they play a vital role, but they are also used to play and explore their surroundings. Quite frankly, if your dog starts suffering oral problems, it will impact its life greatly.
The first thing you should learn is how to clean your dog’s teeth properly. This is the foundation of great oral hygiene. You can enhance this with dental sticks and other food treats that promote healthy teeth and gums.

Oral hygiene is one of the most important parts of great dog care. Don’t forget it.

Joint Problems
Another common issue suffered by many dogs, especially in later life, is problems with their joints. Dogs are naturally very active beings, so this is the last thing that you want them to encounter.

One of the best ways to prevent these potential troubles is to keep the dog active. If your pet is anything like our Champ, then playing with balls is a great way to achieve this. However, you must also take your pooch for regular walks. Besides, it’s good for your health too.

There are also various supplements that can reduce the risks.

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