Monday, August 17, 2015

How to Know if You Can Trust Someone to Take Care of Your Dog

When you’re thinking of going away for a weekend or even a week, you need to consider the needs of your pets. You want to make sure that they are not only fed and watered, but well looked after too. How do you know if you can trust someone to take care of your dog? Look at the following signs to be sure!

They are CRB Checked

Anybody who is offering their services as a dog sitter should be CRB checked. You shouldn’t just take their word for it either; you need to double check to be sure that they haven’t done anything in the past that could indicate they are untrustworthy. People who have a clean record are much easier to trust than those without, so make sure you check!
They Have Good Reviews from Others

If they offer this as a service, they should have some past clients they can point you in the direction of. If they have good reviews from others, this is a great sign! However, you need to make sure the reviews are legitimate and not made up to make this person look better. Of course their friend or family member will tell you they are good! Somebody who is impartial should be contacted if you’re dubious about leaving your dog. If they can do things like dog grooming too, that goes to show they are passionate about dogs and they’re not just doing this for the money. You don’t want somebody who is going to spend no time with your dog giving them the attention they deserve. They’ll need more than just feeding while you’re away!

They Get Along With Your Dog

You probably shouldn’t leave your dog with a total stranger for the duration of your time away. It’s best if they have at least spent a little time with them beforehand and had a chat to you - a bit like a consultation. You can then spend some time letting them get to know your dog and telling them things that will help them out. If you feel like the sitter and your dog bond well, that’s a bonus! It isn’t wise to leave somebody who has never met your dog with them, even if they do this for a living. Each dog is different and they need to know how to handle yours properly. A professional will always recommend meeting your dog beforehand so they know they can do a great job.

They Make You Feel at Ease

Not only should this person get along with your dog, they should make you feel at ease too. They should explain exactly what they’ll do while you’re away, and give you some options to contact them. When you feel at ease with this person, you’ll feel so much more confident that your dog is in safe hands.

By now you should know how to tell whether your dog is being left in safe hands. Your dog is like a member of the family, so don’t put them at risk!

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