Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Butterflies : Flitter Flutter

Our butterfly bushes ar in full bloom so we have a lot of butterflies in our garden.  Watching those butterflies flitter and flutter their wings around the garden is   full of joy.  This is one of the many things that I love about summer.
 We have seen big ones, small ones, and they are all  beautful.
 I always have fun  taking photos of them when I am outside the house.  I am going to miss this when summer ends.  I feel like summer is too sdhort and winter takes a long time to end.
 I wish summer is  all year long so we could enjoy outdoor to the fullest.  I miss the weather at my former home  country, Philippines.
 Then again, the other  seasons are totally  unique and beautiful ain many ways too so I am not complaining.
Anyway, while I can, I want to enjoy every moment I have in watching the butterflies.


Nova said...

Like you I love butterflies, love them when they visit my garden too.

Elizabeth O. said...

What a nice sight to see, a garden full of butterflies! The flowers are so beautiful, no wonder the butterflies love it there.