Monday, June 8, 2015

Wubzy's Last Bath

The kids had their piano  lessons today.  It was riginally scheduled at the teacher's house but I think somthing has came up and she asked if she can teach the kids here at home which was fine with me.
 The kids was just excited to have at her house because they have a bunny named Winston and they love to play with him.  
 Anyway, thinking of our bunny, Wubzy, I thought I'd share  these photos that my daughter took when  I gave  Wubzy his bath in February.   
 I thought that he would  freak out because it was  my first time giving him a bath in the tub.  I used to give him a bath outside in his home.  Glad he liked  his last bath since he died  the day after Easter.
It was a sad day for all of us because we liked him as a pet.  He was very ocial and love to  be with us all the time.  I am almost tempted to  get another bunny but the thought of losing them again is tough so I will  chose not to.

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