Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Dog Owners: Make Sure You Buy These Essentials!

I can remember the first time I got a dog; it was such an exciting time for everyone in my household! I’m probably a little biased when I say this, but I do think that dogs make the best pets for anyone to have. It’s a proven fact that they bring joy to people’s lives, and they are loyal too.

Have you made your mind up about getting your first pet dog? If so, you’ll soon enjoy the benefits of having a new companion and family member. There are a few things you need to know before you go out and get one, though.

Keep reading to learn more about how to prepare yourself and your home for your new arrival:

Prepare your backyard

Your dog will need to spend some time in your garden during their day. They’ll need time to answer calls of nature, frolic in the sun and stretch their legs. Before you bring your new pet home, it’s crucial that you prepare your backyard for their arrival.
First, make sure that your yard is secure. That means erecting new fencing in place of broken ones or in areas where there are no fences. In essence, you need to “dog-proof” the area! You should also get rid of any dangerous items that might cause them to injure themselves or fall ill.

That means getting rid of any chemicals they could chew through. Remove sharp implements like tools that are lying around. Finally, check for any areas where they could get stuck or trapped.

If you want your dog to spend a considerable amount of its day outdoors, make sure you buy them a “dog house” like the one shown in the photo above. That way, they have some shelter during hot days or when it’s raining.

Establish boundaries with your new dog

Now that your backyard is sorted out, you should focus your attention on your home’s interior! I recommend not letting your dog have unrestricted access to your entire home. As soon as you get your new pet home, it’s crucial to establish boundaries with them.

Doing so will mean they know which areas are OK for them to roam in, and the ones to avoid. All dogs establish territory, even amongst themselves. You need to do that too, as you are, in effect, the “top dog” of the household!

You can restrict access to some areas by installing baby stair gates in certain doorways and halls. Just make sure they aren’t big enough to jump over them!

Buy essential items for your pet

The final point in today’s guide is to ensure your new dog has everything they need to lead a comfortable life in their new “forever home.” Examples include:

  • Blankets and beds;
  • Food;
  • Toys;
  • Leads and harnesses;
  • Worming tablets and flea treatments; and
  • Brushes and nail clippers.

Your local pet store will advise you on any other items you might need for your particular breed of dog. For instance, greyhounds should only eat food that is low in protein.

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Ria C said...

Being a fur baby owner, I have to agree with your post. Every new dog owner should know how to care for their pet and what are the basic necessities to buy.