Monday, June 22, 2015

Labradors Mandy and Hershey

Meet these two labradors that our neighbor  have.  This summer, our neighbor asked our kids to  be their sitters when theyare  not home which the kids doesn't mind.  They love dogs so this is a kind of treat for them.  
 This is Hershey, she is 15 years old and  battling from severe athritis.  She  find it hard to  come up and down the steps of their home.  I feel bad for her because she is  the most loving dog.  We fell in love with her ever since we moved here.  
 Meet Mandy, she is only 4 years old.  She got overweight so now she is on diet.   We take them out for a walkonce in a while.
 Taking a rest as the fur babies were getting overheated.
Their summer job is also my job because I go with them everytime.  Thanks Becki for letting us take care of Mandy and Hershey.

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