Monday, June 22, 2015

Getting the Kids Prepared for the Idea of a Pet

There will come a point in your life as a parent when your kids are going to want to get a pet. They’ll be nagging you about it for a long while, and you’ll have a big decision to make. It’s important to think about whether you’re ready for a pet and, more importantly if your children are ready.
You see, introducing a new member into the household changed everything. The entire family dynamic is altered as a result. So it’s vital that you ensure the kids know what to expect, and what they’re getting themselves into. Have a look at the points listed on here and try to apply them where you can.
Start Off Small
The best approach with anything like this is to start off small. Baby steps are the best way towards yielding fruitful results. You need to get the kids used to being around animals and taking care of animals. So, a good early approach would be to get them involved in something like feeding the birds. This is a simple and quick exercise that will teach them about responsibility. Of course, you’ll want to take a look at a window bird feeder on to help get you started. This will provide somewhere for the kids to put the food that’s also going to shelter the birds.
Assess Logistics
You also need to give some serious thought to the logistics of having a pet. Do you have enough space in the house to keep a pet? Are your children old enough that a pet isn’t dangerous or overwhelming? These are some important questions you’re going to need to ask yourself. Getting a pet is a massive decision to make as a family, and you need to be sure you’re ready for everything that comes with it.
Decide What Pet
Okay, this is the big decision you all need to make. It’s vital that you decide what sort of pet you want to have. Now, if this is the first household pet, it might make sense to start off with something small like a goldfish, or a hamster. You might want to get a dog, but then you need to decide if you’re ready. A dog is one of the most high-maintenance pets around, so you need to be sure you and the children are ready to take on this burden. There’s a lot to factor in before you can make a satisfactory decision.
Get the Kids Involved
Try to make sure you involve the children as much as you can. Let them be instrumental in the process of choosing and naming a pet. See if you can get them to draft a list of things you’ll need for the animal. If they can be heavily involved at an early stage, they’re more likely to stick with it for the long haul.
Deciding to get a pet is a lot of work, and you need to make sure you and the kids are prepared for it. It’s important to get your children interested in the idea of having a pet as they will need to learn responsibility. Have a look at the ideas listed on this post and you’ll come up with plenty of great ways to prepare them.  

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