Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Red Lobster, Bat, and Turkeys

It's been almost 9 years when I first tried to eat at Red Lobster.  I love seafood so  that's the place to go.  However, after that first  visit, I never came back again because  the food was too salty for me so I did not like it.  I do want to give it another try though, maybe  after my kids piano recital this weekend, we can go there.  I found some coupons for Red Lobster at Ann Coupons so this  will be a  perfect  time to  try them again.  I remember my niece in law taking us there when my daughter was baptized.  
On another note, we have been going out for a walk almost everyday  now that the weather is warm.  There are so many benefits for being outdoors.  MY kids find it  fascinating that they get to see a bat in the sidewal in one of our walks.  They said that it isvery rare to see this so they are very happy we went for a walk.  
 We always reiterate to the  kids how important it is to be out and not ju0st contained themselves inside the house and play video games.  
 We did not have our phones on the day so we got our camera when we came home and went back another round so we can take  pictures of the critters that we saw.  First stop was this bat and then we continue to see the if the turkeys are still there.  We were in luck because the two turkeys were still there, although you can barely see them in  the photo below.  
 The only issue my daughter being outside is the mosquito, she is allergic to their bites so she is always scared to get bitten.  
This summer, we have  no-gadget days so we could fully enjoy the outdoors.  I even slowed down with blogging because I just don't have enough time  for it.  Aside from that, we are also  spending some time with Dad who is senile and need  attention most of the times.  I just wish, he live close by so I can check on him everyday.  

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