Thursday, December 11, 2014

How to Get Pets Ready for a New Baby

When Hubby and I got Married, we didn't have  pets yet.  We both have pets growing up so we said that we will get   us  a pet or two when we have our kids already.  Our main focus was to  have babies first then the pets  which worked  out pretty good.  Here are some of  photos when we first brought home our Jack Russel Terrier, Champ.  They were sop thrilled!

If you notice online, there are so many cute videos and photos of pets, most especially dogs that look so happy playing with little babies. Not only does it bring a smile on viewers' faces but most especially to their owner. But not all pets can easily adapt to this new change. 

According to, although most pets during pregnancy know that something is up, it doesn’t mean they understand what that is. Prepare your pets for your baby’s arrival by exposing them with small children. When the baby is still in the hospital, bringing baby's scent from the hospital can help. They could be your baby’s burp cloths or any item that has your baby’s scent. Know your pet’s capacity and be honest to yourself, if you think your pet doesn’t react well to the new member of the family, seek help from a professional trainer.

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