Thursday, November 20, 2014


On November 4th evening, our dogs were freaking out chasing something from the  crab apple tree.  My husband  called me and told me that they are trying to  catch something outside so I went out with my camera and here is what I saw from the branch of the apple tree.
 A baby opossum!  This is my very first time seeing this critter. I was afraid that he would somehow figure out how to open the door to our rabbit's cage so I chased him away.
 To be honest, I was scared of this critter, he look scary.
 Opossum reminds me of big rats that's why I am kind of gross out.
 His eyes were scary as well.
 He was sitting comfortably on one of the branches of our  crab apple tree.
 On the 15th, he came back again but since our rabbit is already inside our house, he went straight to the garbage can.  
Our Jack Russel really lit him up but I stopped him from attacking this guy because I was afraid that he might bite Champ and  the possibility of getting a rabies is not good.
 He ran away from  our dogs and climbed on my potted plants on top of of the porch sill.
 Our dog finally got hold of him  and Champ was really swinging him back and forth  but I stopped Champ again coz I though the  Opossum is already dead.  He was acting dead  and he totally fooled me.  
I told my husband to pick him up and put it in a trash bag.  Hubby said that he is just playing dead and he was right.  A couple of minutes after we got inside the house, he took off lol.


Unknown said...

These photos are wonderful. :) Lol.. pero super funny.. how could they actually "play dead" lol. ang funny lololol!

Zimbabwe said...

Great photos and a really interesting story to go with it. Love the playing dead bit, very clever. Have a great week Diane