Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Training Your Dog

Why is training important?
Dogs are born with their own unique needs and instincts. They communicate between each other differently to how we do, and many of their behaviors are very different to human ones. When a dog or puppy goes to a new home, everything that have known so far, no longer exists. They need to be taught how they can fit in with our lifestyles, whilst learning about their needs and trying to accommodate them.  If you don’t take the time to properly train your dog, how can you expect him to behavior properly and do as he is told?
Training a dog or puppy teaches it what is expected of it. What it can and can’t do and what are acceptable behaviors. Without this guidance, it is mad to expect a dog to behavior appropriately, as it has not been taught how to.
How to create a bond
Regardless of how old your dog is or what breed it is, he or she can benefit from understanding your leadership and following your training. Whether you are hoping for a wonderfully turned out show dog or a friendly family pet, the recipe for success is essentially the same. The bond you create with your dog, will be the key to successfully training them – if your dog trusts you, it will be happy to follow you.
How to start
Begin by teaching your dog some basic skills. Teach him how to sit, stay, walk on a lead, heel, and great people and other dogs respectfully. You must also teach him to be confident with people and not to growl or bark or guard his food or toys.
If you struggle to do this on your own, you can hire a dog trainer or take your dog to training classes at a training centre. A puppy  training center offers you the chance to learn how to successfully socialize your dog with other dogs and their owners, as well as providing all the training you will need for your pet. To keep your dog’s training up to date, you need to reinforce it regularly and practice every day. Use treats to reinforce good behavior, if your dog sits when he is told give him a treat.
Ensure you keep it up
Once you puppy is fully trained and no longer requires a trainer or puppy classes, it is important to ensure that you still keep his training going. Ensure that you are consistent with the training methods you use. If you always give him a treat when he sits on demand, continue to do so. This will reinforce what he has already learnt.
Get into a routine

A simple routine is an excellent way of keeping your dog happy and content. From day one, choose where he will sleep and be consistent with it. Have two set meal times for your dog, don’t change or alter these unless absolutely necessary. To keep him entertained give him lots of toys and his own bed to sleep in. If you are out at work all day, toys  are an excellent way of keeping him active. Toys with holes for treats can provide hours of entertainment for your dog and are an excellent way of knowing he has something to keep him occupied whilst you are out.

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